Welcome to the Madness


It is here that you will find my travels, my writing and various pieces of artwork I've done along the way.


Where Art & Travel Collide


Today, I am fusing my love of travel, writing, and art to bring to life hand-painted journals in hopes of inspiring others to travel and write their own story. Each journal is a one-of-a-kind, abstract expression of the very real places I have been and the wonder they have imprinted on me. I have always thought colors, in and of themselves, evoked very distinct emotions.

Combined with brushstrokes, I think they are all that are needed to tell a tale, capture a moment, a place, an adventure, a memory. I invite you to pick up your own call to adventure and use these journals to write it all down. Every little thing. Leave nothing untouched.



Currently roaming around...

East Coast, USA