A Day in Nice


Nice is absolutely gorgeous and I curse myself for not even having a full day here. There are these little trees in the squares everywhere with pink wisher flowers and the water is painfully blue. I am reminded how the French builidings make me feel ... so creative and love struck and swollen in my soul. I forgot how much I love the South of France, distracted by the music and energy of Spain. There is so much beauty in this world that I simply cannot cope. Last night, I would have cut off my right arm to be home and today, I don't think I can ever stop living this way. 

It's overwhelming. All of it. The people, the strangers, loving and leaving new friends, room after room with stacked bunks, getting lost and then having to leave once you've finally found your bearings to a new place just to get lost and do it all over again. The late nights, the laughs, the language barriers. The long rides and sleep deprivation and filthy clothes. But the most wonderfully overwhelming of all is the beauty. It punches you right in the gut and knocks the wind out of you. And I fall in love over and over again with new places and have to tear myself to leave them, not knowing if I will ever touch them again. I think that nothing further could possibly be this beautiful and fill me this way. And I'm wrong. I'm wrong every time.