Daring Possibilities


Sometimes it hits me again out of nowhere... that this is my life and I am actually doing this. Living this dream I've had for so long. No need for bucket lists when you're on one. And I'm overcome with fits of giddy, childish laughter and joy. I'm sitting atop a ferry heading to Corsica and the crystal blue Mediteranean Sea stretches in every direction as far as I can see. I'm completely alone and I've never been so happy. 

This life. This one moment we have - it's ours for the taking. It's whatever we dare to make it. I know we've all heard that a thousand times before, but it's an entirely different thing to feel it down to your core. The more I travel and the farther I've come, that enticing myth you are promised on Daddy's knee as a child - "you can be everything and anything that you want to be" - becomes more and more real. A fable in America, a past-time dream meant for the priviledged or those who sacrifice all, is now scarily real for me. Anything and everything does seem perfectly possible. Every foolish and far away dream before is now 100% in my reach if I want it. This great big world that seems so scary when you're in your comfort zone suddenly explodes wide open with a million opportunities and paths as soon as you break out. It's opened itself up to me and is now bigger than ever before. And I realize that everything that I ever thought was scary really isn't that scary at all.